Good Ol’ Girls Premieres Wednesday On UNC-TV

April 21, 2009


Good Ol’ Girls, a musical inspired by the stories of Lee Smith and Jill McCorkle, premieres on UNC-TV on Wednesday, April 22, at 9 p.m. As most of us know, the musical has been touring around the southeast here and there for many years (I mentioned it in Metro magazine as early as 2003, and that was a returning tour through the area), and the show’s history features a distinguished group of writers, songwriters and musicians, including many Tar Heel talents: Matraca Berg, Marshall Chapman, Paul Ferguson, Bo Thorp, Mike Craver, Joe Newberry, Julie Oliver… the list goes on.

If you’ve missed it before, be sure to tune in Wednesday. And check out UNC-TV’s web site too for complete information, photos, songs, quotes, recipes, and more.

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  1. […] Ol’ Girls, which debuted as a work-in-progress at the first NCLF in 1998 and recently made its television premiere on UNC-TV. Smith and McCorkle will read and discuss selections from their fiction, works which first inspired […]

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