A Quick Recommendation — With An Eye Toward Literary Journals And Translations

May 21, 2009

Given all the recent talk about the potential closing of literary journals (including both the New England Review and the Southern Reviewand about the lack of interest by Americans in fiction from beyond our borders, here’s a quick recommendation. My friend and fellow writer Kyle Semmel (interviewed here earlier this year) has not just one but two translations of stories by Danish author Simon Freuland  in the current issue of Redivider, and he gets prime placement for them, since the stories essentially bookend the rest of the issue’s contents. One of the stories — “What Is It?” — is available online, but I’d encourage readers to pick up the full copy, not just for the other story, but also for works by a fine list of other authors, including Chris Abani and Dan Beachy-Quick, the latter’s poem online as well.

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  1. Thanks for the nod, Art! I’ve also got a translation in Hayden’s Ferry Review this issue, an essay by poet Pia Tafdrup.

  2. Thanks

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