New Stories At SmokeLong Quarterly

June 25, 2009

On the heels of my own fiction publication earlier this week, I’m pleased also to celebrate and recommend two new flash pieces at SmokeLong Quarterly.

cover25My wife, Tara Laskowski — the first time I’ve called her that in print! — continues her year as the Kathy Fish Fellow at SmokeLong with a story significantly different in style and approach from “The Hamster” (discussed here), her last piece for the journal. “A Minor Setback” draws on a fantastic element to explore the changing relationship between a man and his sister, both grown now and growing apart. In the same issue, Brandon Wicks — not only one of our best friends but also a groomsmen at our recent wedding — offers up a similarly surreal tale in “Northern Migration,” about a man slowly selling off his heritage bit by bit. Both pieces are provocative and, of course, highly recommended from these quarters. (Even without my own bias, I think you’ll agree that these are some fine stories.)

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