Free Book Friday: Since It’s Basketball Season….

January 29, 2010

As a lot of folks know, my wife and I are both at George Mason University these days — and semi-regulars at the Patriots’ basketball games. (Go Mason!) And as a few know, I went to grad school at N.C. State, so there’s a soft spot for the Wolfpack too. But dating back to my youth, my heart has belonged to the Tar Heels, and even though I’ll admit I felt some pride when Mason brushed past them en route to the Final Four a couple of years back, I’m still a big Carolina fan today. (That fandom is contagious. Tara even picked up a UNC t-shirt last time we were in Chapel Hill.) Whatever your allegiances, however — and whether they’re as mixed as mine! — there’s no question that UNC head coach Roy Williams‘ new memoir from Algonquin Books, Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court, is an inspiring read. I’ve already talked about the book on this site before, and I’m happy today not just to encourage it again here but also to pass along a copy of it.

The fifteenth person to email “Go Heels!” to MetroBooksNC@gmail.com gets it! I’ll get your address info later if you’re a winner and, as always, cover shipping and handling myself.

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  1. […] what I am fairly sure will be an unmitigated trainwreck), head on over to Art & Literature and try and win yourself a copy of the Roy’s biography. It was super enjoyable, and you don’t hit the first “dadgum” until at least 30 […]

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