A Lost Week? A Few Eclectic Links….

February 8, 2010

Scant updates last week, I know — and I can’t entirely blame it on the snow, which didn’t arrive til week’s end! Plenty of digging out to do now (and a pile of grading as large as some of these snow drifts), so I’ll be brief here again, just offering up a few links to items I’ve been browsing lately:

Kyle Semmel’s interview with fiction writer Matt Bell at First Person Plural (check out both parts)

David Erlewine’s interview with fiction writer Laura Ellen Scott at JMWW

Will Blythe’s NYT review of Roberto Bolaño’s Monsieur Pain

The new season’s Okra Picks from the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

Coverage of a Dylan vs. Petty cover-song showdown and Haiti benefit at a blog I continue to be impressed by (great photography throughout, so check out other posts)

As a bonus: a reworking of Dylan’s “Most of the Time” by Steffan Brandt, from a two-disc collection of Dylan covers in Danish that I recently added to my iPod — no, really, Danish

And while on the subject of Scandinavia, here’s a teaser-trailer from the film adaptation of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, set to open here in the States next month

The announcement that classes are cancelled at Mason on Monday (and a good place to check about classes tomorrow)

And speaking of Mason: Become a fan on Facebook! (The RIGHT side is the RIGHT side to click!)

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  1. Ah! Glad to see you liked that Steffan Brandt CD! I’m sure you’re extra glad to see Joergen Leth in the video.

    And thanks for mentioning the Bell interview too.

    • I recognized him from The Five Obstructions!

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