Bourbon Trail: A Miscellany Of Bourbon Quotes

March 13, 2010

After stopping at the last of the distilleries on the Bourbon Trail, we’ve filled our passports — and earned our t-shirts! What other pleasures does Louisville have to offer? We’ll find out today, and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Churchill Downs are already on the plan. As for today’s bourbon entries, here are a few quick quotations on the subject from actors, writers, and — speaking of Louisville Sluggers — even a baseball player.

“Sure I eat what I advertise. Sure I eat Wheaties for breakfast. A good bowl of Wheaties with bourbon can’t be beat.” — Dizzy Dean

“How well I remember my first encounter with The Devil’s Brew. I happened to stumble across a case of bourbon — and went right on stumbling for several days thereafter.” — W.C. Fields

“Nothing is so musical as the sound of pouring bourbon for the first drink on a Sunday morning. Not Bach or Schubert or any of those masters.” — Carson McCullers (from Clock Without Hands)

“Bourbon does for me what the piece of cake did for Proust.” — Walker Percy

“We’ll get them. We’ll throw the book at them. Assualt and kidnapping. Assault with a gun and a bourbon and a sports car. We’ll get them.” — Cary Grant, as Roger Thornhill in North By Northwest

“Codeine… bourbon….” — Tallulah Bankhead (last words)

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