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Art & Literature was originally launched as a way of discussing topics related to my own personal interests: creative writing, Southern literature, and crime fiction, particularly. The site has also included a series of interviews focused on these topics and with an emphasis on questions of craft.



  1. You’d never know it from Mr. Dirda’s review, but in addition to Jeff Couchman’s great new book about THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, there is another volume on the subject, my own “Heaven and Hell to Play With: The Filming of THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER,” (winner of the first Rondo Award for “Book of the Year” from the Classic Horror Film Board). Published in 2002, (and still in print), it is based on interviews with cast and crew, (including the author of the original novel, Davis Grubb), plus archival material including ten hours of out-takes. For anyone who loves Laughton’s movie, or even movies in general, I recommend unabashedly both Jeff Couchman’s “A Biography of a Film” and my “Heaven and Hell to Play With.”

    • Thanks for the comment here — I’ll look forward to checking out this book as well!

  2. You’re very welcome. I meant to post this comment on the preceding page, with your piece about Mr. Dirda’s essay, but I guess I goofed. Alas, I’m such a Luddite cyberpunk…

  3. Hi there,

    I’ve just launched a review and interview website that focuses on crime fiction.

    I am hoping that you might consider helping me bring this site to the wider attention of crime fiction fans by placing a link to http://www.thecrimeofitall.com on your site. Of course I’d be delighted to return the favour. In fact, there is a “link exchange” option in the header on my website.

    Please let me know what you think of the site and how you feel about supporting it.

    All the best,

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