Chatting About Women’s Studies

March 27, 2009
Tara Garwood and Cindy Marie Martin in Lonnie Martin's "Women's Studies" (photo by Randy Hill)

Tara Garwood and Cindy Marie Martin in Lonnie Martin's "Women's Studies" (photo by Randy Hill)

At a Writer’s Center happy hour last night, I had an interesting, if too brief, conversation with Virginia-based filmmaker Lonnie Martin, director of the horror flick Women’s Studies, due out on DVD later this fall. I’d heard about the film and had an initial curiosity about it because several scenes were filmed at George Mason University, where I teach. But I found my interest piqued on another level as Martin began talking about using the genre to explore some social and philosophical questions. (As a review from Pulpmovies put it, the film is an “original take on the isolated teenagers genre of slasher films and one that does make a serious stab at exploring the sort of exclusionary behaviour, peer pressure, groupthink and bonding rituals that typifies a cult and that can draw someone along the line from idealism to terrorism.”)

I enjoyed strolling through the movie’s website on a brief break from this morning’s work — a really clever website, I think! — and look forward to seeing the full film before long as well. In the meantime, of course, I just couldn’t resist posting a photo here.

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