NC News: North Carolina Literary Review Releases 2010 Issue

July 19, 2010

I was extremely pleased to find in my mailbox this afternoon a couple of advance copies of the North Carolina Literary Review‘s latest issue, focused primarily on the literature — and the art — of the state’s Appalachian region. I emphasize that last word because the first, fine impression of the new issue is the cover art: 1943’s Cabin Scene in North Carolina by Southern modernist master Will Henry Stevens. What’s inside the covers is, of course, equally impressive, beginning with an extensive section on N.C. novelist John Ehle, including selections from his novels The Land Breakers and Lion on the Hearth and an essay and review of Ehle’s work. Also included in the special section is poetry by Robert Morgan, Michael McFee and Kathryn Stripling Byer (as well as a short story by Byer); interviews with Pamela Duncan and Wayne Caldwell; and a variety of reviews of works from the region. While the emphasis here is on one end of the state, the North Carolina Miscellany in the latter half of the issue turns its eyes easterly, beginning with five poems by James Applewhite and ending with an interview with Wilmington-based mystery novelist Wanda Canada (conducted by yours truly, I should add). Click here for the full contents of the new issue.

Sounds like plenty to read? Yep. And I should get started now.

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  1. Great site am adding to my favorites. Best Wishes Milissa Bailey

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